It’s Finally Here!

Myst 5Myst 5 arrived in the mail yesterday! The limited edition has not disappointed yet, although it almost did. No box, but we opened the little shipping envelope to find one DVD case, one limited edition artwork thingy, and one official walkthrough and hint guide. Well, I thought, “Where are the making of DVD and the soundtrack?” Turns out, the DVD case holds three discs, and all of them were there!

So we started playing End of Ages yesterday. We’re almost done with the first Age (which has barely any puzzles in it). Even though we have not encountered any real puzzles yet, I feel that Myst 5 is more Myst than the previous two installments. We’ll see how that perception holds up.

Already, though, I’m loving this new real-time interface. Because of the move, they are enabled to have all sorts of stuff moving around in the background and foreground. Very cool to be standing in a cave and have earthquakes occur randomly, bats flying around, and strange creatures running away as you approach. Very cool!


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