Passed Test and Other Stories

I learned this titling technique from Dr. Seuss. Note other literary devices used in this particular post. Can you find them all?

When last I posted, I had left you, dear reader, hanging in a state of excitement. You waited and waited for hour after excruciating hour for the results of my Management test.

You shouldn’t have bothered. You see, best beloved, I did update the college section of my sidebar. So I did not leave you hanging that much. Anyway, I passed.

On the college note, though, I took the DANTES Principles of Supervision test last Wednesday. I think I did pretty well. We’ll see when Uncle Sam finally decides to send me my score.

Other than that, not much has really been happening. I’ve started studying for Organizational Behavior test. That’s going well, I suppose.

This doesn’t belong on this blog, but I’ve been messing with some new movie ideas. Fun.

I’ve messed around with a book idea recently. Non-fiction, very academic, stuffy material. Go ahead, laugh. I know it sounds hilarious that somebody who writes like this would even entertain such an idea.

Anybody following my goofy Facebook status knows I was thinking about polka music the other day. Don’t ask…

Now, aren’t you glad I made you wait for this post? When I get enough to write a long post on, they certainly fit the title of this blog, don’t they?


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