Very Cool Book

From Myst to RivenI recently got a very neat book out of the library. From Myst to Riven. This is the equivalent of a movie companion for my absolute favorite game of all time. Sweet!

If you’ve played Riven and enjoyed it, I encourage you to check this one out. It’s well worth the read.

And for any Myst geeks out there, the book cover is true to the game. There are five different covers, and since I got it out of the library there was no way of knowing which one it’d be. The one I got has Gehn’s 233rd Age on the cover. I wanted the Tay cover. Bother. If you get the book because of me, leave a comment and let me know which cover it is!

Side note: I’m pretty excited to hear from Cyan Worlds that they will be talking with the fans soon about their future plans, which hopefully includes work on Uru. We’ll see!


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