Writing Report 1/30/2010

Saturday – One paragraph on the music checklist.

Sunday – Lots of work on Bellwether. Eight paragraphs of treatment!

Monday – Two paragraphs on the music checklist. Also a blog post for Phantom Moose.

Tuesday – Some more work on the music checklist. I think it may be done. We’ll see what I think the next time I look at it.

Along the way observation: Seems that as I get stuck on one project, I shift gears and pick up something else. Cool!

Wednesday – Do a bunch of silly Oregon Trail diary entries count? I think they do.

Thursday – Edited the music checklist.

Friday – Finished the music checklist!

Well, this week has been productive. Loads of progress on Bellwether and the music checklist is done. And… This is the first week since I started that I haven’t missed a day!


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