Writing Report 2/6/2010

Saturday – Tweaked a few things in my Bellwether treatment. I forgot to mention on the eight paragraphs day last week that I got the throughline pretty much down from beginning to end. Now all that’s left is to evaluate what’s working and what’s not and fix those things.

Sunday – Nothing per se… But if you count emails, Facebook posts, and instant messaging, I wrote tons of stuff today!

Monday – Filled in a few gaps in the narrative on Bellwether. There is still something very important I need to figure out or cut. Not sure which.

Tuesday – Wrote a blog post for this site.

Wednesday – Nothing. Other work and projects got in the way.

Thursday – I opened my Bellwether document and deleted some stuff. Other than that…

Friday – Despite being distracted by exciting happenings apparently coming from Cyan Worlds, I managed to get started on an outline for Bellwether.


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