The Ten Commandments of Hockey Broadcasting

1. Thou shalt not display advertisements on the lower third while play is in progress. That space is important to the game and viewers want to see who is skating there.

2. Thou shalt not show players sitting down on the bench while play is in progress. We want to see what’s happening on the ice, not the players sitting down.

3. Thou shalt not interview coaches or players while play is in progress. Give them a break. They’re watching the game and trying to concentrate! Nor shalt thou display a picture-in-picture of the coach or player being interviewed while play is in progress. See the first commandment.

4. Thou shalt bring back the robotic camera dolly on the glass. It was the best camera you ever had. Pity you only ever used it for one all-star game.

5. Thou shalt ask intelligent questions of players or coaches in interviews after the period is over. At least act like you understand the game when you ask them something.

6. Thou shalt announce the game. Thou shalt not tell stories about thy past or about players’ lives while play is in progress. Nor shalt thou discuss upcoming games while play is in progress.

7. Thou shalt make thy scoreboard graphics as unobtrusive as possible. See the first commandment.

8. Thou shalt not return from commercials on the in-goal camera. Who really wants to look at the goalie’s hind end? Use the goal camera for another look at a goal, as it is intended.

9. Thou shalt not use camera angles and lenses which compress the perspective. We want to know where the players are on the ice in relation to each other. If you compress perspective, we can’t tell where they are.

10. Thou shalt not do replays at double speed set to goofy music. It’s just plain stupid.


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