Thoughts on the Narnia: Dawn Treader Trailer

Okay, so here we go. My haphazard thoughts on the Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer now that I’ve seen it many, many times.

Let’s start good. I like this trailer. I’ve seen Narnia fans expressing disappointment over the past weekend, and let me just come right out and say that I am not one of them. This trailer may not show me everything I wanted to see about the movie, but hey, it’s meant to make me go see it.So the first thing we see in the trailer is Edmund trying to enlist in the British army. A lot of people have been freaking out over this, saying this is going to be the prideful Peter character arc from Prince Caspian all over again. I’m not seeing it. Edmund wants to help his country, but those enlistment officers won’t let him. How frustrating.

I absolutely love Eustace taking the painting off the wall. Right out of the book! (Though now that I think of it, he tries to smash it in the book, but either way, they all get hit with a giant wave from the painting.)

Flooding Lucy’s room is a great visual transition to Narnia.

(And as a side note, I must say that Georgie Henley has gotten light years better at faking her accent.)

The Dawn Treader itself is beautiful. They did a great job with the design. I still cannot believe that they shot this on dry land and in a blue screen tank.

Okay, here we go with my first complaint (and another Narnia geek moment). Aslan and Lucy on the Dawn Treader, I think (46 seconds in). It’s just Aslan’s head. My younger brother thinks that Aslan isn’t supposed to even be in that shot, but I’m not sure. Guess we’ll see. Geek moment: Lucy is wearing Caspian’s clothes just like in the book!

Reepicheep looks fantastic and I love his new voice.

55 seconds: Seriously? Is this the only shot of Caspian we get? I wanted to hear him talk, especially since he’s not doing the Telmarine accent anymore.

Green mist. Okay, that wasn’t in the book. We heard about a visual effects company that was doing the “Evil Mist” so I guess that’s what this is. Dark Island, I suppose. I’m not going to panic over this, but I can’t wait to see how in the world this fits in.

Then we have… The White Witch. Again. Honestly, we’ve been told she’s in the movie for a very brief dream sequence. If that’s all, why must she be in the trailer?

Ah, here we are. Past the White Witch and into an extended section with the magician’s book. I absolutely love this section. Everything in it feels like the book. And the snowy bit is a very nice throwback to the first film.

Reepicheep climbing the rigging is fantastic.

So Dawn Treader is an “epic masterpiece” now, eh? Oh, and the fate of Narnia depends on the voyage. Did they read the book before writing the script?

And why does Edmund have Sting? Frodo’s gonna be mad…

The Star’s Daughter (who I guess we should be calling Lilliandil now) seems to be a star in her own right now. Okay, I can live with that, I suppose. Especially if it makes Capsian falling in love with her a little less sudden.

“Return to hope.” Yeah. I’m guessing that line is in there to tell the fans to return to hope after Prince Caspian.

Ooh! Ooh! A brief shot of some action! This is something that has irked many Narnia fans and let me just say that I am not one of the irked ones. In fact, I’m rather pleased. I’ve always been disappointed with how few action parts are in the book. And adding a fight to what looks like the slave market in Narrowhaven is a great idea. The way they free all the slaves without any resistance in the book has always felt unrealistic to me.

Oh yes, and Lucy looks like she will have some action scenes. It’s about time, considering she fights as a queen of Narnia in The Horse and His Boy, but we haven’t seen her do anything of that nature in either previous film. Seems like she’s using Susan’s bow, too. Nice tie-in.

The dufflepuds look wonderful. The one brief shot we get of them reminds me of the book so much. And the Eustace line to go with it is very Eustace-y.

Rowing through the lilies! Just like in the book, if Caspian wasn’t rowing. What’s he doing there?

The waves on Aslan’s island look weird, but that’s exactly how C. S. Lewis described them in the book. Perfect.

Alright, what are Peter and Susan doing in this trailer? They’re not in the book, though we’ve been told they appear in the movie. Hopefully they don’t get to return to Narnia, since that would mess up the ending of Prince Caspian.

And Aslan roars (spectacular!) and we get the usual Narnia title fly-in. Hooray! December 10 can’t come soon enough.


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