Narnia: Dawn Treader Trailer… Er… 1.5

We have a new trailer! I’m going to call this one trailer 1.5 because it’s half the length of the last one and doesn’t show much more. Embedded below:

So, what’d I think of this one? It’s too short. And yet this one flows a whole lot better than the first trailer.

The new stuff:

  • Opening shots of a neat building.
  • Lots of new shots of the Magician’s book. This accounts for quite a bit of the trailer, but it’s very beautiful and I can’t wait to see this scene.
  • Various unfinished CG shots. No doubt these will look much better before the release.
  • The new version of Lilliandil (Ramandu’s daughter) materializing is much better than the shot of her exploding in the first trailer. And she appears to be on Ramandu’s island.
  • That pesky shot of all the Pevensies together again. But this time we get a wide shot of it and it’s really getting mysterious.
  • “Return to Magic” has apparently been changed to “Return to Wonder.” Not sure why.
  • A glow-y light pillar shot that I’ve heard talk of being Lucy going into the Magician’s house.
  • Ugh. The mermaid (or whatever that thing is) looked better in the first trailer. Now she looks like a heat map or something.
  • And we finally get to hear Ben Barnes without his Spanish accent. I didn’t realize he was the one speaking until I read a transcript. Once I was aware that Caspian was speaking, I liked it.
  • And the line Caspian is saying is great! I don’t know where it’s at, but right now I would put it at Dark Island.

So… Lots of stuff I’m excited about. I’m glad that many of the parts that seemed to depart from the book didn’t make it into this trailer. Still, I’m disappointed that we haven’t seen any (or much) of:

  • Eustace. Come on. It’s practically his story in the book. From this trailer, I’d think I was going to see a movie about Lucy.
  • The seven lost lords. Or some mention of them. We haven’t seen any of them yet.
  • The Mysterious Little Girl (or Gael, as I suppose we ought to call her). She seems to have some amount of part. And she did appear in a super trailer that wasn’t released. Why haven’t we seen her yet?
  • Caspian. Hey, he started this voyage. Why haven’t we seen much of him?
  • The dragon. I’d be showing off a dragon shot if I was making the trailers. But I do think that the dragon may not have shown up yet because he may not be finished enough to show.
  • The sea serpent. If it’s in there, it ought to be in the trailer to give some idea of some more action. Though maybe we haven’t seen it for the same reason as the dragon.
  • Ramandu himself. There’s a rumor flying among Narnia fans that he’s been cut altogether. A nice split-second glimpse of him would be just enough to put those fears to rest.

Overall, keep it up, Fox. I’m getting excited for this movie. Let’s keep it that way! Can you make the next trailer longer, please?


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