New Voyage of the Dawn Treader Clips

Okay, first go watch the clips.

Now. My first impression of all of these: I don’t like the editing and music choices, but I’m sure both are temporary and very rough. Especially the editing, which I’m certain is quite rushed to fit the clips into a short time. I’m pretty sure that the scenes in the final film will be quite a bit longer.

I do love Dante Spinotti’s cinematography. Much more motivated than what we saw in Prince Caspian. Though, obviously, it’s a bit early to tell that.

For the first clip, I love Eustace. He’s sufficiently bratty and he’s already getting under my skin. Just like the book. I’m not sure I like that Edmund fires back at him, but it’s sort of in-character, so I’ll live with it.

Clip number two is equally bratty. The treasure hoard isn’t quite like I imagined it, but it looks pretty good. We also get to hear the Mysterious Little Gael speak, so that’s nice and new.

The third clip with the lilies is a great visualization that looks almost exactly the way I imagined it. Though it does raise questions about how long Eustace has to stay a dragon. Maybe they just rearranged the islands, though. Actually, now that I’ve watched these clips a second time, I believe that all the dialog before the close up of Eustace is from a different scene, considering that they never show him talking before that.

Overall, great stuff! I’m getting more excited about this movie as more information comes out!


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