Explaining the Worship Songs Post

Some of you probably took a look at my worship song Taboo post and went, “Huh?” Thought so. Let me ‘splain the reasoning behind the Taboo words.

Lift (up) our/my voice/hands

Cliché. By no means the worst one, though. But it’s kinda strange to sing that you’re lifting your hands when half the congregation doesn’t. Voice is better.


Granted, Psalms uses this word a lot. However, in the context of contemporary worship songs, we’re usually invited to praise the Lord without ever getting to the point of actually doing it! Don’t say, “I want to praise You.” Say, rather, “I praise You because [fill in the blank]” Be like the Psalms and say you will praise the Lord. Then go on and do it!


See above.


Rich Mullins used it already. Moving on.

In/to this place

This one is usually used to ask God to come to “this place.” God is omnipresent. He’s already there. You don’t have to ask him to come.

Shower (as in “Shower down…”)

Just reminds me of taking a bath. Maybe that’s the intent of the phrase, but there are more creative and less-cliché ways to express the idea. Be original!

Thank You

This is a legitimate expression of worship, but, again, there are more creative ways to express this idea.

We/I just want to…

Especially bad when combined with the above. This one is me-centric. Stay away.

Most of these are just my opinion. Take them as such.


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