Thoughts on Pride and Prejudice

Hey there. I read Pride and Prejudice. Cool, huh? I noticed something interesting. Its idea of romance is backwards from our modern-day idea.

How so? (Spoilers to follow…)

Well, to begin with, the girls in the book who throw themselves at the handsome young men all end up regretting it, or disgraced at the very least. Nowadays, they would be praised for their forwardness.

Secondly, I found it very interesting that the men who went about this whole marriage thing the “proper” way would get engaged to the girl before beginning what the book called courtship. Today, you’d expect to start a courtship or date before getting engaged. I’m not saying that’s how we should do things, nor am I thinking that Pride and Prejudice defines those terms the same way, but… It was interesting.

Oh yeah… And I hope if/when I’m engaged/courting/whatever, my gal will have as much spunk as Elizabeth if some manipulating relative needs telling off. 😀 (Sorry, I just thought that part was hilarious!)


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