Why I Post on Social Media More Than Here

I realize that I have a blog. I really do. But I just happened to think… I post on Facebook and Twitter way more often.


I was just pondering that, and I think I’ve figured it out.

Feedback, length, and audience.


When I post on my Facebook wall, I am much more likely to have somebody comment on or “like” my post. Whereas here on my blog, I know I have readers, but I haven’t received many comments, even when I ask for them.

Which is well and good, but I’m certainly more motivated to share my thoughts where I have feedback that people are reading them.


I like to boil things down into short, pithy sentences or paragraphs, usually after I’ve mulled the subject over in my head. So rather than writing a huge blog post to explore an idea or concept, I spend a day or longer thinking about it in the back of my mind. Only after I have a short, pithy statement on the idea will I share it.

I can’t say if that’s something I’ve developed as a result of Twitter’s 140 character limit or if I’ve always been that way. I find it interesting, though.


Finally, when I post on Facebook, at least, I know who is reading my stuff. I know who will be reading and who won’t be reading. I can sneak in references to mutual experiences. I can post clever things that invite certain people to post without asking specifically, and I can see if I accomplish it.

I can try that here, but it doesn’t tend to work out unless I call somebody by name.

And there is a post about why I don’t post.


One thought on “Why I Post on Social Media More Than Here

  1. Very interesting. Feedback is certainly a factor. As well as audience, I think – if I post on Facebook/Twitter, I have X number of people who see it. If I post on my blog/personal site, between 2-5% of that number sees it, though obviously I’m hoping to expand that. I’m long-winded, though, so length pushes me more toward a blog.

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