What Apple Taught Me about the Second Coming of Christ

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Apple taught you about Christ’s second coming?


I’ve been waiting impatiently for Apple to release the next version of Final Cut Pro ever since the rumor mill started churning. Back in April, they showed off a beta version at NAB and wowed me. Apple told us that FCP X would be available sometime in June, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

This morning, I was rambling around in thought and went, “Hey! It’s June now and Apple never gave an exact day. Final Cut X could ship today!”

Now, recently at a men’s Bible study, my group studied that Jesus’ second coming is imminent. Meaning He could come today. So, while I was daydreaming of FCP X, I filled in the word as I thought, “The release of Final Cut X is imminent. It could happen any time, even today.”

Wait a second. I can understand and expect that Final Cut X is coming any day now. Apple said it’d be in June, so we know it’s coming this month. So I’ve been expecting it and looking forward to it.

But I can’t think of Jesus’ return in the same light? Why not? After all, He said He could come back any time and that He would come back. I should trust Him more than Apple, shouldn’t I?

Oh yeah.

Thinking about Final Cut X makes me wonder about how it will affect my current projects. This new version is radically different. The upgrade may hit while I’m in the middle of a project. Sometimes I think that I might want to hurry and finish my current project so I can start the next with a clean slate, rather than worrying about how my project will transfer to the new version.

And that leads me to think about how we (I hope I’m not the only one) sometimes think, “Sure, Jesus can come back anytime. But He won’t come back before I finish my first feature film. He won’t return before I finish my novel. He won’t come before I get married and have some kids. After all, He wants me to experience all those little joys in life!”


I can see Final Cut X coming before I finish my current project, but I can’t see Jesus returning before I’ve experienced “life’s little joys”?


One of those two is actually a sure thing. I pray that I can live like it is.


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