A 21st Century Political Campaign Debate Strategy

Last night I watched most of the Republican primary debate on CNN (recorded on DVR). The moderator did a great job of not letting all the candidates answer all the questions, though I saw more than one who was skipped trying to get attention so they could answer.

But this is the 21st century, isn’t it? And CNN knew that, as they kept up a Twitter stream on a big screen as the debate went on. So what should a wise candidate do, given the technology available?

It’s simple. During the closing statements, a candidate should say something like this…

I didn’t get to answer all of the questions tonight, but I did have answers to them. I want to share those answers with you, so I will be blogging my answers to all the questions from tonight at…

And then they would give a URL and maybe even their Twitter handle. What a great way to say what you wanted to say and gain followers at the same time!


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