A Note Expressing Deep Affection

My dearest Oxford Comma,

I love you. There will never be any doubt about that.

I will never, ever let you go. You are so lovely when you sit quietly in my sentence, keeping its meaning clear. You are beautiful, practical, and indispensable.

I know that many people hate you. Please understand that I will defend you to the last. I will protect you from those who want to abolish you and I won’t let them hurt you.

Yours affectionately,



2 thoughts on “A Note Expressing Deep Affection

    • I thought of that, but I was also trying to dash this off before breakfast so it wouldn’t interfere with other stuff I have to get done today. I suppose one shouldn’t just dash off love letters, though… 😛 (I wouldn’t know… I’ve never had anybody to try writing them to…)

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