I used to think rain was an annoyance. It was something that made my day dreary. I would see the rain through the window and immediately slow down. The day became a drag and my work suffered for it.

Something changed recently and now I look forward to the rain. Seeing it on the forecast brightens my week. And I’m disappointed if a chance of showers doesn’t hold true.

But why?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Though I’m certain that she didn’t set out to do it, a friend of mine quietly taught me to appreciate God’s creation, merely by expressing her enjoyment of it. Because of her example, I reexamined my attitude.

I realized that God created the rainy days just as much as He created the sunny days. And both exist so we can take pleasure in praising Him for His creation.

So I decided I’d try to revel in the rainfall. Long story short, I’m now a crazy rain lover. I love feeling the rain soaking me, I love watching it come down, and I can’t resist jumping in puddles. Where I used to sigh heavily and say something like, “It’s raining,” I now exclaim, “Ooh! Look at the pretty rain!”

After all, why shouldn’t we delight in God’s creation? No matter if that delight leaves us drenched.


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