For Valentines Day: Words I Dislike (And Why)

Here comes Singles Awareness… I mean Valentines Day again. This year, various conversations have reminded me of a set of words that I absolutely despise.

What words? Girlfriend and boyfriend.


Taking girlfriend as an example, since I’m a guy, here’s my reasoning for not using these words.

The world today uses the world girlfriend flippantly. It’s often preceded by the word new. That is, girlfriend usually implies a new installment in a long chain.


So if I call someone my girlfriend, I’m using a word that refers to a shallow relationship based on nothing but the feelings of a moment.

Double yuck.

If I seriously love somebody, I don’t want to use such a word to describe her. She would be special to me beyond the use of that common and flippant word. In fact, come to think of it, I don’t want to describe any female in my life in that way! (See above expressions of disgust.)

But this brings up a question. If/when I have such a relationship with someone, I will eventually bump into a situation where I will have to refer to her as… What? I don’t want to use that word. What do I call her?

Good question. I have no solid idea here yet. But I just consulted my thesaurus and discovered the word beloved.

I think that’s a beautiful word for this. It encompasses my hopes, dreams, and designs concerning this hypothetical person. Everything is laid out right there in a single word.

And it’s a great way to spread the idea, too! Imagine a scene like this:

“Grandma, I’d like you to meet so-and-so, my beloved.”

Grandma’s eyes bug out. “You mean your girlfriend?”

I shake my head, smiling. My beloved smiles too; she’s heard this a few times before.

“No, I don’t like that word.” And I explain.

Now that would be cool. Would everybody get it? No! But those who do understand would realize where I’m coming from, and hopefully think about how they use the word.

Perhaps I’m just seeing the world through rose-colored glasses here and speaking in my ignorance. But you can’t blame me for thinking ahead. I’ll change my methods later upon practice, if I someday get the chance. 🙂

Now, I know somebody’s going to want to know what word I think should be used in one of those disgusting, shallow relationships as mentioned above. It’s pretty simple… How about none?

I really like just plain friend. And if you stick with that definition and the relationship implied in it, you avoid a whole heap of trouble into the bargain, in my book.

And with that, I shall leave you with my best wishes. Happy I’m-So-Glad-I’m-Not-in-a-Frivolous-and-Meaningless-Relationship Day!


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