Of an Honor Bestowed upon Me and a Book You Should Read

So, yesterday, Aubrey Hansen, a good friend of mine and a fantabulous self-published author, launched her brand new book Peter’s Angel. I was privileged to test read the book at two stages in its development, and I also served as some kind of story consultant for pieces of the story.

Well, Aubrey quite surprised me when she sent me a free e-book copy as a thank-you for pre-reading. For when I got to the dedication page and saw the two people to whom she had dedicated the book, I found these words:

To Jordan
for always being willing
to take time out
and talk
and never letting me
lose faith
in my writing
To you is the character of Peter gratefully dedicated.

Wow. Thank you, Aubrey. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I was able to help you with your book.

And if you’re not Aubrey and you’re reading this blog post, you should definitely check out Peter’s AngelIt’s good, I promise.


3 thoughts on “Of an Honor Bestowed upon Me and a Book You Should Read

  1. *smiles* For lack of a better phrase, it’s the least I could do, Jordan. You helped a lot with this book, but truly it goes beyond that. You’ve been involved with my writing since Marge (or before, even)–that’s a lot of hours of advice, test-reading, and encouragement you’ve logged! This is my attempt to say thank you. (And thanks for blogging about my book, too. :D) God bless ya!

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