Heartaches and Headaches

This morning I discovered this piece that I wrote from a dark place back in August. I’d been suffering from a splitting headache all day, and then some emotional stuff happened and caused heartache into the bargain. The two words mixed in my mind and I rambled this out on digital paper, trying to console myself. Writing the truth to myself helped. Maybe you needed to hear it, too.

Some days, despite your best intentions and plans and efforts, things just don’t work. While your plans get neglected, life marches on and piles up on your doorstep.

And you just keep praying and holding on… You tell yourself that things will always go according to God’s perfect plan.

But heartaches and headaches don’t mix very well. Your heart is weeping as your head is exploding and all the time the world won’t line up your way… It’s so, so hard to remember the truth when things keep landing on your already-weary shoulders.

Stop. Breathe. It’s not all up to you.

In fact, it’s not up to you at all.

There’s Someone bigger than all of this stuff. Someone carries this world in His hand. The trouble and heartache and headache is held there, too. He knows what He’s doing, even though you don’t.

Breathe. It’ll be okay.

Don’t despair. One day…

Yes, one day.

Until then, walk on. Look up at Him and hold His hand tightly. For in this realm of heartaches and headaches, there’s nothing else you can safely do.


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