Revival Doesn’t Have to be Huge

I’d like to shrink a term that is most often used with huge implications. We, the church, tend to say we want revival, and by that we mean that we want throngs of people repenting visibly, making it clear that “God is at work.”

Revival, however, the really, truly revival, is more teensy weensy. It’s not necessarily immediately visible, nor does it have to happen in a tent or a stadium.

It happens when complacency becomes commitment. When even one person is saved, a revival has happened. When one Christian lives his or her faith, revival is here.

It’s not huge. It’s not showy. It won’t capture the world’s attention and turn the TV cameras. Because revival, ultimately, is a matter of the heart.

And when you think about it, that’s even bigger than the way we like to use the word.


One thought on “Revival Doesn’t Have to be Huge

  1. Well said, Jordan! We live in the “Bible Belt” where people are trying to gin up “revival” at every turn of the season, it seems. Usually, folks “come to the altar” and then disappear never to be seen again until the next “gathering”. I often feel that perhaps folks look at me a bit sideways because I don’t run to the “altar” every week, but I do know what’s in my heart! Thanks!

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