Why Frozen’s Kristoff is the Best Disney Guy Ever

On Tuesday, I went to see Frozen, which is a pretty brilliant Disney film. Good stuff all over the place. On top of that, I walked out the theater with the decision that Kristoff is the best Disney guy ever to grace the screen. Why? Well, SPOILER ALERT, but here are four reasons he’s my new favorite.

1. He plays an instrument.

Come on, any guy who plays a musical instrument is just plain cool. Not to mention that Kristoff is actually halfway decent on his little four-string.

2. He runs his own business.

Unlike Aladdin or Flynn Rider or any number of princes named Charming, Kristoff is a regular, honest, hard-working fellow. He even works hard to sell his wares in a bad economy. Instead of sponging off his royal parents or stealing his food, he’s actually out there earning his own living.

3. He understands the meaning of true love.

When he realized the girl he’d come to care for thought she loved someone else, he didn’t try to get between them. Instead, when she needed her man, he made sure she got to him. He put her happiness above his own.

4. He asked before he kissed.

This is my favorite reason Kristoff is the best Disney guy ever. When it came to the end of the story and we got to the place where most Disney heroes would have simply grabbed the girl and smooched, Kristoff instead exclaims, “I could kiss you! Um… may I?” He gets a bazillion bonus points for asking first.

And there you are. My four reasons that Kristoff is my new favorite Disney dude.


One thought on “Why Frozen’s Kristoff is the Best Disney Guy Ever

  1. How about when Elsa and Anna finally understood the meaning of love at the end, and Sven nudged Kristoff in Anna’s direction, Kristoff appreciated and understood the bond between the sisters and this very important moment for them, so he just smiled and hung back with his moose! I want a Kristoff…

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