New Voyage of the Dawn Treader Clips

Okay, first go watch the clips.

Now. My first impression of all of these: I don’t like the editing and music choices, but I’m sure both are temporary and very rough. Especially the editing, which I’m certain is quite rushed to fit the clips into a short time. I’m pretty sure that the scenes in the final film will be quite a bit longer. Continue reading


Narnia: Dawn Treader Trailer… Er… 1.5

We have a new trailer! I’m going to call this one trailer 1.5 because it’s half the length of the last one and doesn’t show much more. Embedded below:

So, what’d I think of this one?  Continue reading

Thoughts on the Narnia: Dawn Treader Trailer

Okay, so here we go. My haphazard thoughts on the Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer now that I’ve seen it many, many times.

Let’s start good. I like this trailer. I’ve seen Narnia fans expressing disappointment over the past weekend, and let me just come right out and say that I am not one of them. This trailer may not show me everything I wanted to see about the movie, but hey, it’s meant to make me go see it. Continue reading