Good Points on the Bailout

WORLD Magazine’s Cal Thomas makes some good points about failing companies begging for money.

Americans have benefited from capitalism. Our government should not be undermining an economic system that has produced more prosperity for its citizens than any nation on earth. It cannot forever prop up companies that make products not enough people wish to buy. If a growing number of people prefer cars not produced by GM and Chrysler, how will a government rescue plan make them more likely to buy them?

Read the rest of ‘Bye to GM, Chrysler on WORLD.


If You Care About Our Nation

Did you know that our government has committed $8.5 trillion to prop up failed companies?  It’s crazy. In essence, we are telling them that failing is good, because they will get money for it. This doesn’t keep businesses competitive, nor is it good for consumers. Check out the petition at and their bailout calculator.

Although I have no doubt that Congress will ignore it, I have signed the petition. If you are a taxpayer and you care about our nation, I hope you will do the same.