Yesterday, I sent in my request for graduation. That means, assuming all goes well, that I will be graduating officially in September. Woot!

And I also received notification of credit for two of my three outstanding tests. So, officially, I have 117 credits, and I’m just waiting for grading on one more test for the last three.

So with my post title, I say, “Yeehaw!”


Whirlwind Update

Here I am. I know. It’s been too long.

First, I won Script Frenzy yesterday. That’s a filmmaking thing, but I had the widget in my sidebar, so I’ll say it anyway. Yay!

Second, I plan to graduate from college this month. My final test is on Wednesday!

And third, this is the end of my post. More when I think of something to write about.

Statistics: Conquered

Seriously, three blog posts in one day? You must think I’m going mad here.


I just keep thinking of things to blog about. The latter two were things I just realized were old news that needed to be blogged ASAP, so there you go.

I finished Statistics last week, bumping my credits to 105 and leaving me at 88% done or 12% to go! Precalculus is my current course and it’s going pretty well so far.

(Those pushing me to blog more often [you know who you are!], how’s that? Comments appreciated. [But not required. {But it’d be nice.}]) <– Excuse to use three layers of parentheses. 😀

You Deserve an Update!

Since I left you hanging on St. Patrick’s day with my stunning announcement of no more writing reports, you have probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. Here you go:

Believe it or not, I made a comeback to writing the day after I cancelled the reports. How’s that for a swing?

I tuned the dulcimer for the first time since Christmas. Yeah, it was sounding really bad.

And college is just as… Well… However you describe college, it’s being that way. 😛

Various Tales

I took the Financial Accounting test yesterday. Scored enough to pass, so I’m now 60% done with this degree. Only 48 credits to go!

And I’m writing this from Snow Leopard now. Pretty nice upgrade, though I’m having more fun with the iLife portion of the Mac Boxed Set than with the operating system.

Little bit crazy around here lately, as my family has been watching various sets of small children all weekend and will be into next week, I believe. Don’t know for sure.

Other than all that stuff, I’ve been keeping busy with my sort-of job at Simply Charlotte Mason.

Pizza for dinner tonight, and a yet-to-be-determined movie, though the general consensus is Annie. We’ll see. It’s long and the pizza is still being made as I type.
Ten days until my birthday, depending on which way you count.