Take the Test Time

Taking Introduction the Business today. If I pass, I’ll be at 81 credits. That’s 9 to go before I’m a senior!


Stargazing is Done

Yay! I passed Astronomy! I’ll be doing Business Law on Friday, and then that’ll be it for several weeks. I probably won’t post anything for a while after Saturday, as I likely won’t be able to.

No Score Yet

Turns out that NIU didn’t have the computer-based version of my World Religions DANTES test. So I took my first-ever DANTES, and my first-ever written “fill in the bubbles” test at the same time! Because it’s a written test, NIU has to send my answers back to the Central DANTES Place Where It Will Be Graded, and get it graded. Then the DANTES people send it back, and I (finally) get to see if I pass. But I think I did pretty well. 😉