The Ten Commandments of Hockey Broadcasting

1. Thou shalt not display advertisements on the lower third while play is in progress. That space is important to the game and viewers want to see who is skating there. Continue reading


New Juggling Tricks

I’m sure you’re getting tired of just hearing about what I’m writing, so I thought I’d tell you about the juggling tricks I’m trying to learn!

Today I decided I’d try to learn Mill’s Mess, which is an alternate three-ball pattern. It’s more complicated, but it looks very cool. So far, I’m dropping lots of balls. 🙂

On the easier end, while I was browsing juggling tricks, I saw one neat catch that my younger brother challenged me to learn. So far, after just practicing it for a bit earlier, I’ve got that one down pretty well.

So there you go!

Various Tales

I took the Financial Accounting test yesterday. Scored enough to pass, so I’m now 60% done with this degree. Only 48 credits to go!

And I’m writing this from Snow Leopard now. Pretty nice upgrade, though I’m having more fun with the iLife portion of the Mac Boxed Set than with the operating system.

Little bit crazy around here lately, as my family has been watching various sets of small children all weekend and will be into next week, I believe. Don’t know for sure.

Other than all that stuff, I’ve been keeping busy with my sort-of job at Simply Charlotte Mason.

Pizza for dinner tonight, and a yet-to-be-determined movie, though the general consensus is Annie. We’ll see. It’s long and the pizza is still being made as I type.
Ten days until my birthday, depending on which way you count.