They Won’t Admit It

This morning on Gallup’s home page, the Obama job approval was at 59%. Underneath was a headline, “Republicans Down on Their Own Party” and a blurb about how 4 of 10 Republicans disapprove of their party, while only 7% of Democrats feel the same way about their party.

Okay, so what? I want to know why there is no headline like, “Obama Job Approval Drops Below 60%” This is the first time as far as I know.

Interestingly enough, later today, the counter of job approval has gone back to 60%. But click on the stat for the chart and it still lists 59% approval. While I was writing this post, the approval rate went back to 60%.

In light of this recent article from, I really think we ought to ask why Gallup hasn’t written a story about Obama’s approval rate dipping below 60%. I’ll buy that the inconsistency was a glitch, but I doubt we’ll ever see the story about Obama’s dropping approval rate.