If you will properly punctuate,
it follows you’ll disambiguate.
If you won’t properly punctuate,
you’ll only discombobulate.


I Became Poetic While Cooking

I became poetic while cooking last night;
My muse came on as quesadillas browned.
It all began when I thought out with delight,
“I drain the milky whey from my cheese.”

This awful pun did set me off;
I no longer could think in prose.
Though normally I would stop and scoff,
My mind wouldn’t leave that phrase alone.

So now I put it here on my blog
And hope this brings me relief.
I’m sinking in a wordplay bog
But maybe now I’ll get free.


Shifting shadows around my bed
Recall a nightmare that filled me with dread.
I’m afraid to get up as I sit here and quake,
But, now calming down, I do a double take.
Though fear is still present, I become aware
That I cannot remember what gave me a scare.
And replacing the terror, annoyance now grows.
I could’ve used that in my next work of prose!
With discontented mutterings filling my brain,
I snuggle up with my pillow and fall asleep again.