Heartaches and Headaches

This morning I discovered this piece that I wrote from a dark place back in August. I’d been suffering from a splitting headache all day, and then some emotional stuff happened and caused heartache into the bargain. The two words mixed in my mind and I rambled this out on digital paper, trying to console myself. Writing the truth to myself helped. Maybe you needed to hear it, too. Continue reading



Today, I am obsessed with lullabies. I think it was brought on by my reading a particular scene in The Hunger Games two days ago, and it’s just taken this long to catch up with me.

I’m absolutely enraptured by these beautiful, simple songs that convey a sense of calm and I-love-you. Some are wistful, some are whimsical, and some are just wonderful. And those are three of my favorite emotions. Continue reading

You Didn’t Have to Do That

You used to be an inspiring sight as you floated above my head.

I craned my neck to see you soaring, or laid on my back in the tickly grass and dreamed as you changed shape before my eyes.

You filled my mind with whimsical thoughts and flights of fancy as you effortlessly hung high in midair, leaving me breathless.


Why did you have to shatter into so many tiny pieces and drift down here for me to step on?

Why couldn’t you stay where you were so majestic to look at?

And why did you have to be so cold when you got here?


My dreams are torn apart when I realize you’re not what I let myself believe you were.

But I’ll keep believing it anyway…