Writing Report 3/20/2010

Saturday – As seems to be usual for Saturday, nothing.

Sunday – And nothing today either.

Monday – This week isn’t working out too well… Nothing again.

Tuesday – This week is not a good one for writing. I again must put a nothing.

And with that, I think it’s time to stop with these reports. It’s become clear to me that with everything else I’m doing, it’s just not realistic for me to expect to find time to write something every day. I’m not going to stop writing, but it will probably happen more infrequently. (How ironic that I wrote this paragraph on Wednesday… So I did write something!)


Writing Report 3/13/2010

Saturday – Nothing.

Sunday – Nothing. Bother.

Monday – Wrote an analysis of the commentary from The Incredibles. Also wrote a draft of a page for Incredibooks.

Tuesday – Did some more Incredibooks page writing.

Wednesday – Roughed out an idea for a video.

Thursday – Wrote a review for Incredibooks.

Friday – Today was the launch of the Incredibooks Read-a-Thon Survey, so I easily did lots of writing as I was blogging, tweeting, and such to promote it.

Writing Report 3/6/2010

Saturday – Jotted down a couple of ideas I had for music checklist draft 2.

Sunday – Starting fleshing out those ideas for music checklist draft 2.

Monday – I don’t remember writing anything, so I guess I didn’t.

Tuesday – Did more work on music checklist draft 2. If this thing keeps expanding, it might become a book instead of an article…

Wednesday – Nothing at all.

Thursday – Made up for Wednesday by getting lots of work done on music checklist draft 2. Did I mention that this could expand into a book? I started with a little two or three paragraph point, and this time around, I’ve expanded it to six! All the other points I haven’t expanded look rather short now.

I also did some writing on Incredibooks.

Friday – Wrote a review for Incredibooks.

Writing Report 2/27/2010

Saturday – Zilch. Off to a good start.

Sunday – Gave some feedback on an Easter script to somebody. Also jotted down ideas for a new book.

Monday – Did some work on draft two of the Music Checklist.

Tuesday – Well, I didn’t set out to write anything today, but I did a little analysis of the commentary on Toy Story 2. So I think that counts.

Wednesday – Wrote an analysis of the Monsters, Inc. commentary.

Thursday – Wrote a little bit more analysis on the Monsters, Inc. commentary. I also wrote most of a post for this blog.

Friday – Outlined the book idea from Sunday. And I finished up the blog post I mentioned on Thursday. You’ll probably find it below this one.

Writing Report 2/20/2010

Saturday – Uh, nothing.

Sunday – Another missed day, although technically I read a book as research for the music checklist.

Monday – Finished an Incredibooks review that I started last week.

Tuesday – Jotted down some thoughts that I had while watching the Toy Story commentary for a script tentatively titled Smoke and Mirrors.

Wednesday – Wrote down some more ideas for Smoke and Mirrors.

Thursday – Nothing hit paper, but some verbal brainstorming for Smoke and Mirrors went on.

Friday – Missed yet another day this week.

Well. This hasn’t been a good week for writing! Here’s hoping that next week will be better.

Writing Report 2/13/2010

Saturday – Started in on two book reviews… Sort of. Okay, I rated them and haven’t really written anything beyond the title yet.

Sunday – Got started on one of those book reviews.

Monday – Tossed ideas around with a friend for another movie idea.

Tuesday – Wrote the other book review, still stuck on the first one. Also wrote a blog post for this blog that you’ve probably already read.

Wednesday – Nothing hit paper, but I discussed the music checklist with my pastor.

Thursday – Nothing at all. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Friday – Wrote a blog post for Incredibooks celebrating our 500th review.

Writing Report 2/6/2010

Saturday – Tweaked a few things in my Bellwether treatment. I forgot to mention on the eight paragraphs day last week that I got the throughline pretty much down from beginning to end. Now all that’s left is to evaluate what’s working and what’s not and fix those things.

Sunday – Nothing per se… But if you count emails, Facebook posts, and instant messaging, I wrote tons of stuff today!

Monday – Filled in a few gaps in the narrative on Bellwether. There is still something very important I need to figure out or cut. Not sure which.

Tuesday – Wrote a blog post for this site.

Wednesday – Nothing. Other work and projects got in the way.

Thursday – I opened my Bellwether document and deleted some stuff. Other than that…

Friday – Despite being distracted by exciting happenings apparently coming from Cyan Worlds, I managed to get started on an outline for Bellwether.

Writing Report 1/30/2010

Saturday – One paragraph on the music checklist.

Sunday – Lots of work on Bellwether. Eight paragraphs of treatment!

Monday – Two paragraphs on the music checklist. Also a blog post for Phantom Moose.

Tuesday – Some more work on the music checklist. I think it may be done. We’ll see what I think the next time I look at it.

Along the way observation: Seems that as I get stuck on one project, I shift gears and pick up something else. Cool!

Wednesday – Do a bunch of silly Oregon Trail diary entries count? I think they do.

Thursday – Edited the music checklist.

Friday – Finished the music checklist!

Well, this week has been productive. Loads of progress on Bellwether and the music checklist is done. And… This is the first week since I started that I haven’t missed a day!

Writing Report 1/23/10

Saturday – A disjointed, summary-of-something-that-will-eventually-happen-in-the-story type of paragraph in my treatment for Bellwether.

Sunday – Scribbled a note for a plot point for Bellwether on the back of an offering envelope. 😛

Monday – Loads of progress on Bellwether! Five paragraphs and ideas for more! And also some work on the music checklist.

Tuesday – Decided the work I did on the music checklist yesterday would be better suited in a different article/form. So I rearranged and made notes for expansion.

Wednesday – Wrote another paragraph of the music checklist.

Thursday – Nothing. Paying jobs and school got in the way.

Friday – Nothing got down on paper, virtual or otherwise, but lots of ideas for Smoke and Mirrors were tossed hither and yon verbally today.

Writing Report 1/16/10

Saturday – Did some work on a checklist for worship music.

Sunday – Erm… Does this sentence count? I was researching camcorders instead.

Monday – Banged out the first paragraph of a treatment for Bellwether.

Tuesday – Nothing… (Sigh)

Wednesday – Second paragraph of the Bellwether treatment. I’ve gone beyond what I previously knew! Whoopee! And I worked on the music checklist some more today.

Thursday – Wrote the third paragraph of my Bellwether treatment.

Friday – More work on the music checklist.

Not bad for a second week. Despite missing two days, I think I wrote more this week than last week…