The Finish Line (Sort of)

So I hit 100 pages for Script Frenzy. That makes me a winner. But the script isn’t done. I’m still writing a little bitty bit more to finish it up.

And I passed Microeconomics the other day. Yay! Moving on the Macroeconomics or Precalculus, maybe. We’ll see.


Grammar Time

I discovered that my DANTES score will arrive in the mail in about three weeks. Talk about anxiety! In the meantime, I am staunchly avoiding PreCalculus. Actually, I just don’t have the books I need.

Speaking of not having books, the other test I might work on is Marketing, but alas, no books. That leaves English Composition. Basically, I will answer some grammar questions in 45 minutes, and then write an essay in 45 minutes. Then they send my essay to some people to be graded and I wait a few weeks for my score. Fun. On the plus side, though, this is a 6 credit CLEP test instead of just 3.

Various Bits

To start with, I just added another book to my library map. But I won’t tell you which one!

I did some hammered dulcimer today, and I’m getting pretty good at Ash Grove.

My brothers and I discovered that we missed some less-important sections of Myst 4 the first time ’round. We only discovered them because we thought it’d be funny to play it again with a walkthrough.

I get to take my first ever DANTES test on Tuesday! It’s on World Religions, and if I pass I will have another 3 credits. Hopefully I’ll do just that.

We’re doing a song I don’t know in church tomorrow. It’ll be fun to wing it for a change. 🙂


I don’t really have much to post right now. Lately, I’ve been studying for a test on world religions. Pretty boring material, but hopefully I’ll be ready to take the test soon. Yay!

Oh, and I did find some time to take some juggling video. Now I just need to find some time to post it.