The Finish Line (for real)

Now I’m finished with my Script Frenzy script. It’s done, now I have nothing to do. I suppose I could go back and fix all my bad writing, but I don’t feel like it now.


The Finish Line (Sort of)

So I hit 100 pages for Script Frenzy. That makes me a winner. But the script isn’t done. I’m still writing a little bitty bit more to finish it up.

And I passed Microeconomics the other day. Yay! Moving on the Macroeconomics or Precalculus, maybe. We’ll see.

I’m Slowing Down!

I’m at 43 pages on Script Frenzy. That’s way ahead enough to be comfortable, but it also means I’m slowing down. The last two days I wrote about 4 pages, which is one more than I need. That’s nothing compared to the 5 to 8 pages I was writing earlier on.

Although, come to think of it, today and yesterday I was writing all difficult transition-y scenes, so that could account for the drop in page count. We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning when the story hits its stride again.

And in the dulcimer world, I’ve been playing and singing Creed a lot lately. I had it almost down when the dulcimer decided to get out of tune again. So yesterday I tuned it and now I’m playing some more!

I guess the long post is because I’m on a roll coming off of writing my script about fifteen minutes ago…


I’m toying with a brand new script idea. As I type this, I’m taking a break from getting started on working out the story. Don’t worry, it’s not taking precedence over other things I’m supposed to be writing… It’s more for fun than anything else. Just to see what I can do.