Announcing A Purple and Gold Afghan and other stories

I may have mentioned a screenplay I’m working on called Bellwether. The story centers around a couple that meets unexpected resistance to adopting a little girl. Early last year, I finished the third draft of the script and sent it to some test readers. One of my readers wondered how the main characters met, and after some thought, I came up with a short story to answer that question.

A Purple and Gold Afghan and other stories cover

I’ve since followed that story with two more, taking the characters from their first meeting to the beginning of courtship. The stories have been fun to write, and those who have read them tell me they have enjoyed the stories and that I’ve done a good job capturing the feelings surrounding the first steps into romance.

I was never quite sure what I was going to do with the stories. But then I self-published a book. In the midst of all that, I realized that the Kindle platform was perfect for a collection of short stories, so I began working on getting them ready for publication. About a month later, right about now, the book is done!

So, allow me to share the description from Amazon, and then I’ll leave you to check it out.

About the last thing shy and lonely Joseph wanted to do was live on campus at seminary. But when he finds a beautiful afghan on his dorm room bed and attempts to track down its maker, Joseph runs headlong into a series of events that might just lead to something called… love.

Charming, whimsical, and poignantly funny, A Purple and Gold Afghan and other stories is a delightful collection that will tug at your heartstrings.

A Purple and Gold Afghan and other stories is available right now on the Kindle store for 99¢. I hope you enjoy it!