The Real Entertainment Problem of this Decade

There’s been a lot of talk about 3D being the biggest entertainment issue of the decade. Some say it’s going to be big, others say it’s going to die this year. But 3D is not the biggest problem.

It’s pets and Wii. Continue reading


Something Silly: SpeedMyst

Anybody who knows me pretty well knows that I’m a big fan of the Myst series of computer games.

The other day, my brothers and I came up with a silly idea. We have all five games practically memorized. Why not see how fast we can get to the ending?

My brothers have been handling the bulk of the SpeedMysting, but I did do Exile last night in one hour, forty-three minutes. Not a bad speed! It’ll probably get beaten soon since I had my youngest brother telling me how to do all the parts I’d forgotten, though. 🙂

And while I’m writing, I guess I’ll say that I haven’t been writing because I’ve been studying and sorting a big bin of LEGO parts. While sorting, my sister and I did a couple of sets of minifigs based on some popular characters. Can you guess who they are?