Today, I am obsessed with lullabies. I think it was brought on by my reading a particular scene in The Hunger Games two days ago, and it’s just taken this long to catch up with me.

I’m absolutely enraptured by these beautiful, simple songs that convey a sense of calm and I-love-you. Some are wistful, some are whimsical, and some are just wonderful.¬†And those are three of my favorite emotions. Continue reading


More Hammered Dulcimer

My plan of playing Soldier’s Joy quickly went away. Although I have the idea of the tune down pretty well, I don’t know how it goes, making it nigh on impossible to learn.

Instead, I started learning Ash Grove, which you may know better as Let All Things Now Living. I fiddled around with How Firm a Foundation, too, since I was playing it on guitar. Now that works out rather well. I play something for church on guitar, and then step over to the hammered dulcimer and plunk it out there!

Speaking of guitar… Did you know it’s quite difficult to play hymns properly if you want to rock and roll?