Whirlwind Update

Here I am. I know. It’s been too long.

First, I won Script Frenzy yesterday. That’s a filmmaking thing, but I had the widget in my sidebar, so I’ll say it anyway. Yay!

Second, I plan to graduate from college this month. My final test is on Wednesday!

And third, this is the end of my post. More when I think of something to write about.


Statistics: Conquered

Seriously, three blog posts in one day? You must think I’m going mad here.


I just keep thinking of things to blog about. The latter two were things I just realized were old news that needed to be blogged ASAP, so there you go.

I finished Statistics last week, bumping my credits to 105 and leaving me at 88% done or 12% to go! Precalculus is my current course and it’s going pretty well so far.

(Those pushing me to blog more often [you know who you are!], how’s that? Comments appreciated. [But not required. {But it’d be nice.}]) <– Excuse to use three layers of parentheses. 😀

You Deserve an Update!

Since I left you hanging on St. Patrick’s day with my stunning announcement of no more writing reports, you have probably been wondering what I’ve been up to. Here you go:

Believe it or not, I made a comeback to writing the day after I cancelled the reports. How’s that for a swing?

I tuned the dulcimer for the first time since Christmas. Yeah, it was sounding really bad.

And college is just as… Well… However you describe college, it’s being that way. 😛