I have musical aspirations. Right now, the only instrument I play well enough to play for people is the guitar. However, I also dabble in these:

  • Hammered dulcimer
  • Bongo drums (sort of)

I’ve “played” lots of other instruments:

These are instruments I’d like to either explore further or try out:

  • Djembe drum
  • Hurdy-gurdy
  • Banjo

5 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hi! I had the opportunity to perform “Creed” on hammered dulcimer a few months ago, and it was tons of fun. Tricky, though, as you know. Just stumbled by your blog and thought I’d say “hey” and give the thumbs up on the dulcimer playing. Keep at it!!!

    • I have access to a dulcimer my dad made with his father. The main beef with playing it is having to tune all forty-six strings.

      My playing tends to gravitate into the hobby field. Meaning I’ll get it out for about a month at a time, play regularly, and then put it away for longer than I should, rinse and repeat.

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