The Ten Commandments of Hockey Broadcasting

1. Thou shalt not display advertisements on the lower third while play is in progress. That space is important to the game and viewers want to see who is skating there. Continue reading


For the Sake of Posting Something

(Hi, Sarah!)

I’m posting because a friend of mine won’t let me alone until I do. Here’s some news:

I’m working on studying for the CLEP Management test. We’ll see if I can take it the same day as my Macroeconomics test. Shouldn’t be a problem taking two on the same day. Twice the fun, twice the credit!

And I’m going to watch the Detroit Red Wings tonight! (on TV)

Here’s a bitty tidbit from my recent tweeting on Twitter: “I wish my Google alert for FCS 3 would quit sending me sites linking to the same story!”

Yes, I’m obsessively following the rumor mill heading up to Apple’s WWDC on Monday. Here’s hoping that they update Final Cut Studio then!

For the first time ever, I used that little QuickPress box ’cause I thought this would be short and sweet. Turns out I was wrong.