Of Music and Juggling

I’ve been plugging away at juggling tricks. Not necessarily the ones I listed in the previous post, but I’ve been learning some neat new things. That includes the very exciting fact that I have very nearly done a five-ball cascade! I’ll keep working on it and see what happens.

And in the music world, I’ve been learning new chords for my guitar playing. I’ve also taken up the dulcimer again after letting it lie in disuse for several weeks. Yesterday I started learning the French-Canadian reel called Over the Waterfall. I’ll put in a link to the sheet music also in case some of my musically inclined readers want to give it a go.


New Juggling Tricks

I’m sure you’re getting tired of just hearing about what I’m writing, so I thought I’d tell you about the juggling tricks I’m trying to learn!

Today I decided I’d try to learn Mill’s Mess, which is an alternate three-ball pattern. It’s more complicated, but it looks very cool. So far, I’m dropping lots of balls. 🙂

On the easier end, while I was browsing juggling tricks, I saw one neat catch that my younger brother challenged me to learn. So far, after just practicing it for a bit earlier, I’ve got that one down pretty well.

So there you go!

Server Trouble and Other Stories

Sigh. I was all ready for my test on Friday, but today the center called and notified me that they are having some computer trouble. So I have been moved to March 4th instead. More time to study, I guess. Unfortunately, this is one test for which I don’t really need more study time.

I had an excited-yet-disappointing moment this afternoon. Last week, my brothers and I bought the Myst 5: End of Ages Special Limited Edition off of eBay. I saw the mail truck pull up and hang a Myst 5 shaped package on the mailbox, so I excitedly ran outside in the cold to grab it. Turns out it was just a similarly shaped box containing Greek books for school work. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

It’s scary! I’ve been frequently heading to the dulcimer to play Liberty and Ash Grove, and lately I’ve been having problems hitting the right notes. Probably time to tune it again. Bother, seems like I just did that. I’m also messing with finding the right notes for Rich Mullins’ song Creed.

While I’m typing, I might as well say that I attempted to juggle five balls again. No good. I now start with five, toss one too far, and end up juggling four quite nicely.

So overall, an up and down sort of day, but not without its fun times.